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Specialist in Education, Counseling and Assessment

Why pursue the counseling and assessment degree at Missouri State?

千赢体育国际官网The specialist in education, counseling and assessment program is one of the region’s only degree programs that meet the school psychological examiner certification requirements, which are high in demand.

千赢体育国际官网The EdS degree can be a critical step up in career advancement. Missouri State’s program is tailored to working teachers, counselors and mental health professionals who are interested in developing as a school psychological examiner. Courses are offered through alternative delivery options, including seated, online and concentrated classes.

As a post-graduate student, you will:

  • Refine your communication and analytical skills so that you can lead an educational team in identifying students who may need special education services
  • Gain comprehensive training at the University’s on-site counseling center
  • Benefit from a team of faculty members dedicated to counseling, psychology and life-long education
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