Child Development Track

Give young children a brighter future

Lend a helping hand to kids, from infancy up to age 8. Guide their all-around growth: educational, physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Why take the child development track?

  • Support children and help them reach their full potential. Gain insight into their developmental needs.
  • Take courses focused on issues, research and current trends in child development.
  • Put your learning into practice. Build your abilities through lab experiences and community-based service.
  • Take the fast-track to a master’s degree in early childhood and family development. Raise your career ceiling and salary potential.

Missouri State student working with kid outside at Child Development Center
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Explore your potential career paths

千赢体育国际官网From care centers to child welfare agencies, you can improve lives.

Missouri State student using laptop

Gain experience in your track option area

Apply classroom theory and learning to your future career field.

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