Child Life Track

Work as a child life specialist

Comfort children and families going through health-related crises. Reduce stress. Help them cope with grief or loss.

Why take the child life track?

  • Have a quicker path to a master’s degree and raise your career ceiling. The accelerated option in child life studies prepares you to become a certified child life specialist (CCLS).
  • Have a rewarding career where you help others in difficult, life-changing times.
  • Join a career field which needs workers. Find many job options within health care or similar settings.
Missouri State student doing therapy session with child
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Explore your potential career paths

Be there for children and families when they need it most. Give support as they face life-threatening medical events.

Missouri State student using laptop

Gain experience in your track option area

千赢体育国际官网Apply classroom theory and learning to your future career field.

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