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Educational Technology Graduate Certificate

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology provides a 12 hour graduate-level experience for school administrators, teachers and staff or those in other occupations who desire this expertise. The program provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for technology support and training. The certificate is open to professionals from a variety of disciplines and specialties. This certificate is a Missouri State University Certificate and does not meet the State of Missouri certification requirements for teaching.

Entrance criteria

千赢体育国际官网To be considered for the program, a prospective student must meet the admission requirements for a Graduate Certificate at Missouri State University.

Digital-Age Learning Environments 3 hrs Selection and Utilization of Educational Technology 3 hrs Administration of Educational Technology 3 hrs Instructional Design 3 hrs

GPA Requirement

千赢体育国际官网Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate course work at Missouri State University.

Normal Time to completion:

千赢体育国际官网2-3 semesters

On-time graduation rate:

100% (May 2013)

Contact information

For additional information on the Educational Technology Certificate program, contact Dr.Ching-Wen Chang千赢体育国际官网 in the Department of Reading, Foundations and Technology at 417-836-5353.

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