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Literacy Graduate Certificate

Kayla Lewis, Program Coordinator
Hill Hall, Room 209; Phone 417-836-4196

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Literacy provides a 12-hour graduate-level experience for several groups of students: those working on Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Special Reading Teacher, K-12, certification-only coursework; those in other graduate programs who want to add additional literacy (RDG) coursework as an emphasis area; those who already have a master's degree but want to add the DESE Special Reading Teacher, K-12, certification; or those in other situations where additional literacy coursework would allow them to qualify for a new position in the field of education. The certificate programs provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for supporting teachers and students. This certificate is a Missouri State University Certificate and does not meet Missouri's DESE Certification requirements for teaching.

Entrance criteria

千赢体育国际官网To be considered for the program, a student submit a Graduate Application for admission to the certificate program.

Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Literacy 3 hrs Psychology of Global Literacies 3 hrs Successful Classroom Communities to Enhance Student Learning 3 hrs Techniques of Responsive Support in the Literacy Classroom 3 hrs Relationship of Language to Literacy and Intellectual Development     3 hrs Content Area Literacy 3 hrs Assessment Procedures for the Literacy Specialist  3 hrs Assessment of Literacy Problems (must be taken concurrently with RDG 782) 3 hrs Remediation of Literacy Problems 3 hrs
Additional RDG courses below may, also, be used to complete the 12 hours requirement (as needed): 
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Diversity Issues in Literacy and Content Area Instruction 3 hrs
Cultural Diversity in Literacy & Instruction: Classrooms & Community 3 hrs
Issues and Trends in Literacy Education 3 hrs
Curriculum Design in Literacy 3 hrs

GPA Requirement

Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate course work at Missouri State University

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