Projects and Initiatives

Bear Partnership

千赢体育国际官网The Missouri State University College of Education invites students to participate in a program for your freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Missouri State’s new Bear Partnership program encourages students to attend a week-long immersion program on the Springfield campus that will expose them to some of the opportunities they can expect from their college experience.

Center City Counseling Clinic

Center City Counseling Clinic is a community-based training clinic where advanced graduate students provide supportive counseling services to children, adults, couples and families under the supervision of licensed faculty members. Our sliding fee scale allows counselors-in-training to provide play therapy for children, psycho-educational groups (including child-parent relationship training classes for parents), and individual and couples counseling for adults.

Hispanic Initiatives Program

The Hispanic Initiatives Program is a community outreach project that provides communities and schools serving Hispanic youth and their families with identified services and support. The MSU College of Education has identified a need for students pursuing educational degrees in the areas of teaching, counseling and school administration with field experiences and clinical practice in more ethnically diverse settings.

Agency for Teaching, Leading, and Learning(ATLL)

千赢体育国际官网The Agency for Teaching, Leading, and Learning(ATLL) is one of 11 regional centers in Missouri, funded by DESE and serving teachers, administrators and school districts. Working in collaboration with southwest Missouri school districts, the ATLL provides facilitation and support services, through a network of individuals with content area and practical expertise. Our collaborative work focuses on enhancing the quality of both teacher and administrator practice for effective educational planning and programming to raise student achievement.

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