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Autism Spectrum Disorders Graduate Certificate

Why pursue a graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorders at Missouri State?

千赢体育国际官网The counseling, leadership and special education department offers a graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to nondegree-seeking individuals or as an add-on to an existing master’s degree in education with a developmental disabilities emphasis.

Building knowledge to better serve the needs of special populations

千赢体育国际官网In our program, an emphasis is placed on supporting individuals with challenging behavior through positive behavioral supports and supporting communication and by using validated, data-based programming to learn about sensory deficits.

Our certificate program will not lead to teacher certification in autism; however, it is offered to support educators and other professionals who desire greater expertise in the area of autism spectrum disorders. This program is also offered to support professionals that are already working in the following fields:

  • Psychology
  • Communication disorders
  • Social work
  • Medicine
  • Other related specialties

If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, consider the special education graduate program, autism spectrum disorder emphasis area.

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