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Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning

Why pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning at Missouri State?

The Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) degree helps individual teachers improve as teachers, resulting in better student learning outcomes while aiding whole school communities with identifying and responding to their specific needs or problems.

This degree is based on what teachers want: ideas, tools, strategies, knowledge and understandings that make them better at what they do; space to work on their craft individually; and, opportunities to talk with colleagues about what is really important in their particular classrooms, schools, and communities.

Program information

千赢体育国际官网The bulk of this degree (18 credit hours) is delivered on-site in a two-year cohort model.  Teachers enrolled in this degree will meet periodically, in the same cohort (though in different courses), with teacher colleagues enrolled in the same associated Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership (SETL) degree and also with other teacher colleagues who want only the graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.  Cohorts will identify common needs or concerns, deepen collaboration, and strengthen supportive collegial relationships.  Degrees feature an inquiry project-based approach via an action research framework.  Each student will choose an emphasis or elective area (12 credit hours- with a wide range of options) and will have direct sustained involvement with SMU Education faculty.

Explore similar programs

If you want to improve your teaching practices and participate in important school community decisions but do not want a master’s degree, consider the graduate certificate in teaching and learning.

Students interested in this degree - and who think they also might want to acquire the - may qualify for the Accelerated Pathway for the Specialist degree.

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